Q. Do you participate with insurance plans?
We do not participate with any public or private insurance plan. If you are an individual paying out of pocket, we can provide you with a receipt that you can use to get reimbursed.

Q. What is your cost structure?
We only charge per dose administered, with a minimum of 20 doses billed. The cost per dose depends on the number of doses administered. Only under special circumstances do we charge an hourly fee.

Q. When do you hold your flu clinics?
We conduct flu clinics from mid-September through mid-December.

Q. What type of vaccine do you use?
We use inactivated injectable trivalent and quadrivalent vaccines. Individuals over the age of 65 have the choice of getting the High-Dose trivalent vaccine.

Q. What is your method of payment?
We accept cash, checks and wire transfers.

Q. Where do I send payments?
Checks should be sent to: 1712 I (eye) St., NW, Suite 1007, Washington, DC 20006.

Q. How can I obtain your W-9 form?
Click here to download a copy of our W-9 form.

Q. What is your Federal EIN?
Our Federal EIN is 46-2261770.