Norvar Health Services is headquartered in the District of Columbia and serves the metropolitan areas of the District of Columbia, including Maryland and Virginia, Richmond, Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Norvar Health Services is dedicated to providing its clients with high quality health care services at costs within corporate parameters. We recognize that each organization has unique health care requirements as well as limited resources. We work with our clients to ensure optimum health care services that are compliant with the client's jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

Norvar Health Services offers its clients the best in on-site health care services. We are big enough to provide all occupational health services your organization may require and small enough to work individually with you to understand and tailor our services to your requirements.

The prevention of an illness is significantly more cost-effective than the treatment of that same illness or injury. Organizations utilizing preventive health care such as on-site wellness programs and/or on-site flu shot programs save both employee off-time as well as money. There is a direct correlation between resources spent on prevention programs and reduction in treatment cost.

Let us work with you to keep your employees where they belong - on the job!